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Are you are turning 65 in a few months and have a thousand questions about Medicare?

Or maybe you turned 65 a few years back but continued working and are now thinking of retiring and going on Medicare.

I can help. I know there is a ton of literature that you have been sent through the mail and advice you have gotten from your friends. I know it can be confusing listening, and reading and trying to figure out what is what.

I can help.

I have been helping people just like yourself for almost a decade navigate Medicare. I have been helping people with all their insurance needs for almost two decades. Take my quiz to make Medicare EASY.

Free Services

All of my services are 100% free to you. You will never pay a broker fee or pay more for your coverage with me. All rates are fixed by the insurance companies and my compensation comes from the carriers.

Discover What Your Needs Are

In order to find the right plan, I need to get to know you first. I will ask a few questions about your medical needs, medications you are taking and doctors you are seeing, and if you have a hospital preference, budget lifestyle etc. Take my quiz to make Medicare EASY

Explain What Medicare is

Next I will take a few minutes to clarify what Medicare is so you can better understand your options. I will clear up any misinformation and answer ALL of your questions.

Research and Present All Your Options

Based on your answers to my questions, I will come up with the best plan choices for your situation, taking into considerations all of your needs.  I will explain all the features and benefits of your choices. You are the final decision maker.

Questions after Enrollment or During the Year

As your agent, I am here to help you 365 days a year. I am just a phone call away. Don’t get caught without a great agent. You never know when you will need an advocate.

Your agent is your advocate.

Take the Medicare Made EASY Quiz

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